Boston icons 1.0 release

Boston has finally met the minimum goals set, and version 1.0 is here, being one of the most complete updates to date. Inspired by exclusive functionalist design and a touch of early computer icons, the project is focused on elemental properties, basic shapes, a reduced color palette and visual hierarchy. That was always the goal: its own minimal style.

A lot of news are offered in 1.0. Now compressed files (TAR, ZIP, RAR, 7zip, etc) have a new design different from software packages (DEB, RPM, etc), making their identification easier and providing more precise iconography. A bunch of icons have been improved or redesigned too: changelog files, office documents, some devices, PDF, desktop or Java related files. Many of them left alphabetic characters to be more universal (the backbone of Boston design). Some symbolic ones: Min web browser, DOSBox Staging, new one for Audacity or smartphones. In addition, more system and hardware icons have been incorporated to grant visual variety. Legacy icons (used in GTK 2 applications, some GTK 3 and even Qt) have won new additions to increase the quality of visual section in those that don’t use symbolic icons yet.

Some changes to the index instructions allow for better rescaling, as well as some support for Raspberry Pi OS and its ecosystem.

To celebrate this release, a co-official collection called “Cardboard” is now available with tan-colored folders. These new directories are designed to provide a small variety following the design lines, giving a possibility to users less happy with blue ones.

…and a new wallpaper was added to Boston Backgrounds: Geology.

The signature check files can be obtained here. You can read the Changelog file for more details.

As always, economic (and even promotion) support is a great help to make grow this project. Do you like my work and do you want to support it? Share it on social media /make a donation. That helps me a lot and show me love!

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