Boston Icons: born anew. Version 0.2

Boston icons born in 2015 as a personal project, but its development was stopped temporarily in 2016… till today.
Is intended to offer a collection of folders and filetypes for GNOME desktop. The project focus on elemental properties, shapes and a reduced color palette. A lot of Bauhaus functionalist design principles are used, and is inspired by 80’s and early 90’s computer icons (like Xerox, Apple Lisa, Macintosh or Windows 2.x and 3.x).

Today I release a new version: Boston 0.2. Icons has been completely designed anew considering different things to make an evolution.

Boston Icons v0.2

Boston icons keeps the original design, but better. The new icons has been revised: now are more clean and beautiful, some colors has more contrast and the design language is more consistent.

Now I detail some of these principles and changes:

1. The function creates the form (as basic as possible). Atrezzo or arrangements for good looking details are minimal. Design is linked to basic shapes and neutral/soft colors. A lot of problems of previous versions have been fixed, allowing now to recreate the icons for 128 pixels (previous was only 48 pixels).

2. Better hierarchy thanks to color use. Users want to find some common files quickly. A basic rule on it is:
More color = more important for usual desktop use. PDF, torrents, packages, office documents, sounds and video, etc
White or neutral colors = system and single/reduced use files (plain text, binaries, code, etc). In other words, “discreet” files for average users.

GNOME Files (3.32) using Boston Icons with default Adwaita GTK theme

3. Coexistence with Adwaita. With GNOME 3.32, Adwaita has been redesigned and is more simple and good looking. Default GNOME is OK in many aspects. Because of this, Boston icons has been thought to be used with it. The rules about what covers:

a. System folders and file types.
b. Some symbolic icons and apps without own native symbolic.
c. Outdated or bad looking icons (low resolution, etc).
d. Rest of collection (priority according to the needs).

4. According to point 3, Boston 0.2 has less icons than previous versions. This is because new design is focused more than ever on quality and not quantity. More details about changes available in “Readme” file (inside icons theme package).

Boston Icons, GNOME 3.32

So, this is a collection of icons with a clear target users: who like original proposals and love the design and a clear philosophy for it, users who like GNOME/Adwaita and for “less is more” lovers. For all them and previous Boston users: here is. I’m very proud of this work and very happy to bring it. Hope you like!

Do you like my work and do you want to support it? Then, please, buy me a coffee to keep on! ;)

Every support is appreciated. Thanks!

Download here

Boston icons aren’t affiliated with any project that isn’t designed by the author. Any other use isn’t officially supported.

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